Michael James Paintings, & Photography of Mexico
"Juxtaposition De Colores," An Award Winning Painting!
Artist Statement

Experiences living in the United States and abroad greatly influence each of my Abstract paintings.  As I begin to focus on the rhythmic breathing of a bare canvas my images mature, developing to a point where a passion to lay the first crucial stroke overwhelms me.  When I lay that first stroke an evolvement commences, guiding me on a journey, a journey revealing another, often intrinsic, facet of my life.

Though it can be a very spiritual and dramatic event, I attempt to convey my images through a variation of devices, textures, composition, and juxtaposition of colors, always seeking to create a pure visual expression that distills art to it's essence.  Whether the painting engenders any significant dialogue or not is never directed, but merely the consequence of my journey.

What is directed, hopefully, is a pleasing and uplifting creative endeavor that provides a unique pleasure for each observer.  I'm most fortunate, for me each painting brings me a little closer to who I am, why I'm here, and where I need to be.  I'm confident that in time, painting in conjunction with spiritual strength, will get me there!  


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